12pcs Universal Panel Removal Tools

Universal repair tools,works great for Ford/BMW/Audi/Benz/Chevroler/Volkswagen and so on.

FOR]Metal with plastic circle handle - cap for rims ; Metal in T-shape - license plate ; Metal fork-style - head unit of car audio.

Included:1 set Car Panel Removal Tool (12pcs ) show as pictures. Weight: 8.05 once(219g)

Rated Voltage:1.2V

Capacity:AAA 450mAh 1.2V.

Current Charge:AAA 5V/80mA

Charging time:5.5 hrs

Charging connector:Micro USB

Battery Indicators:LED (RED when charging, BLUE when full )

Innovation Design:Micro USB rechargeable AAA batteries

Easy to Recharge: No need battery charger any more with the included cable.

Fun:Cool to replace batteries of kid toys,mouse,flashlight,radio or TV remote and reuse them up to be 500 times.

Note:No need to charge battery in 1st use,charge after run out of battery:Keep it out of the reach of children and pet. DO NOT damage or peel off surface tube.

Package Contents

2xAAA Recharge Batteries

1xUSB Cable

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