July 02, 2018

1080p for iPhone and Android - Made For Sharing

Bluetooth Dash Cam - Remembering Your Day

So you've splashed out and bought the Sublime Bluetooth Dash Cam - 1080p for iPhone and Android, what benefits can you expect to see?

Sharing information, our stories and experiences are part of who we actually are, we're wired for storytelling and now we have the ultimate travel storyteller that communicates through our mobile phones.

1080p DashCam for iPhone and Android

Wouldn't it be amazing to set out on a car journey driving across America or Europe, China or Japan, how exciting would that be?

There's a beauty about slow travel that far outstrips the speed of flight, for let's face it, flying above the clouds pretty much looks the same wherever you are in the world.

You drive out through the Rocky Mountains, your Sublime Bluetooth Dash Cam recording its wonders and as the sun begins to rise the sky is filled with red and beauty, it's breathtaking.

You think of the ancient saying, 'red sky in the morning, shepherds warning' and you don't care. whatever the weather, the day's going to be glorious!

You become aware of a number of large birds and animals you don't see when you're at home, they kind of flash through your visual consciousness but while driving its impossible to appreciate them in all of their glory, yet it's no matter, you have your Bluetooth Dash Cam for iPhone and Android, capturing the beauty of each moment, the sublime experience of travel.

Often when you've traveled before, you've rushed from place to place, missing the detail, forgetting to stop and smell the roses. Life was just so fast, intense, stressful, you thought that the only thing that really mattered was how much wealth you were accumulating and the shallow social circles you were running in. 

You remember the game you used to play, desperately trying to convince yourself that the stressed out professional who relied on alcohol to calm you down after an extremely long day's work and medication to put you to sleep before starting the whole charade again the next day, was who you really were.

Eventually, your romantic relationship fell to pieces because you were too detached to connect and you dated and flirted with others intensely looking for minute experiences of connection while fleeing from really observing your life and the world around you. 

Your life soon spiraled into crisis and you began to understand that you wanted to see the world, really see it, you didn't want to live in that fog of illusion any longer, you wanted to experience all that nature had to offer. 

Yet there was another part of you that didn't want to experience the same old variation of familiar streets every day, there was much more in the world to see than those few square urban kilometers that you were accustomed to. In order to travel, you needed to find a compromise, you wanted to be able to experience it all but you couldn't just move at a snail's pace.

There was the answer you realized as you thumbed through car accessory websites one morning, ironic you thought that you'd find your existential answer there!.

You realized that if you bought yourself a dash cam you could record in detail any or all car journeys that you embarked on and due to its video and audio recording capabilities you never had to miss anything again.

But which one to buy?

You loved the idea of a Bluetooth dash cam, it was/is so suited to your driving experience, it was perfectly tailored to the interior cabin environment of your open-top sports car, it used less power than other dash cams as Bluetooth is inclined to do yet recorded the experience of the outside world, both front and back, beautifully. You loved that the dash cam connected to both your iPhone and your brother's Android and the hands-free mobile phone option that it gave you was a major bonus.

Love Your Car

It was a no-brainer, the Bluetooth 1080p Dash Cam for iPhone and Android suited your needs in every way. One of the things that you loved about it was you could upload to your mobile, edit it if you chose from there, you didn't need your PC to experience the dash cam's genius.

You booked yourself one of those plush cabins that night and after a delicious meal, you sat quietly to watch the video your Bluetooth dash camhad made of your day. Some of the things that had happened you had been oblivious to, others you had had some perception of. The wildlife and the mountains were breathtaking.

There was nothing controversial, so you decided to edit it on your phone, add appropriate background music and a short video message from you about your adventure that day. It crossed your mind to become an affiliate travel vlogger, your videos would sell themselves.

Bluetooth Dash Cam - Sharing Your Journey.

Mary your Grandmother, had never been outside of Texas, it was just how her life had been. She loved those natural world TV programs but had never felt the need to travel herself. Truth be told she was very worried about you, she didn't really understand why you had left on a driving holiday when your life had been so chaotic for the last year but she knew you were an adult and didn't want to interfere.

Although she'd loved the iPhone you'd bought her for Christmas, she still found it very difficult to understand and didn't really know what most of the apps were for. However, she had been so excited when she realized that you had sent her a message, she called her son ( your uncle ) and asked him to come to the house so she could see whatever you had sent.


Rebecca hadn't seen her Daddy for almost a month, she missed him dearly and found it very difficult that he didn't love Mommy anymore. She loved her Dad and was so excited when his video arrived on her phone the next morning.


She loved the mountains and all the wildlife she could see, the animals and the birds, she loved seeing her Dad driving, almost like she was in the car with him and of course she loved your video message to her.

A few hours later you received a message from Grandmother, she was so proud of herself, she had managed to operate the iPhone and reply. She asked you if you were safe, she wanted to know that your lovely car was OK in that strange environment.

You explain patiently what a dash cam is and how it works, you're safer than ever before because of this wonderful technology and it puts her mind at ease.

At the end of the day, you relax and reflect. You're delighted you invested in the 1080p Bluetooth Dash Cam for iPhone and Android, it was worth every penny.

You sit back, edit another day's video on your phone and upload it to Facebook!

Sublime Bluetooth Dash Cam

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