July 02, 2018

Wanted - Folks That Want The Roads To Be Safer.

So you're back, the first blog in this seriesDash Cams - Four Startling Things To Ponder didn't tip you over the edge?

Ummm what's it like to be that cautious, does it get in your way at times?

Cautious about Dash Cams

Let's see if we can help, as you and I both know,  you're here to buy a dash cam because you're reading about the subject and it makes so much sense, doesn't it?

Well, let me see, so far we discussed:

  1. You'll see clearly in this cold light of day- how your dash cam copes with different levels of light and how you need the video to be crystal clear.
  2. With the eyes of an owl- The importance of infrared and night vision and how you should insist on it when you buy a dash cam fromDash Cam Pro Cameras.
  3. Expanding your field of vision- how important it is for the dash cams visual field to be between 120 and 170 degrees to catch everything you're going to need.
  4. Wire, Wifi or Bluetooth- the pros and pros of all three and how valuable your personal preference is going to be when you buy one of our sleek new dash cams.


As you ponder which dash cam whets your appetite and seduces your urges to make driving a safe and pleasurable pursuit for you and your loved ones,

you find yourself, with each syllable expressed on this page, drifting further and further towards the ultimate decision, the correct decision, the only sensible, safe, responsible and logical decision that youwill make.

It's your opportunity to do the right thing.

By now you've acknowledged that the safety of your car is a must.

By now you've recognized that the opportunities to keep other road and sidewalk users, as well as the passengers in your car, safe, is a civic and personal obligation for you to honor.

Andby now you know for sure, the physical, emotional and financial security of everyone, friends and family alike, who travel in your car with you, is paramount.

With that said, maybe a brief glance at other benefits you can enjoy as you buy from Dash Cam Pro Cameras,would add to the enjoyment you're about to manifest in your driving life.

1. The Transparency Of Visual Clarity


Picture the scene, you're using your suave new dash cam and youwitnessan accident where someone is hurt. As you can obviouslysee, it's imperative that thevisual clarityof your video is thecrystal clearness of high definition. Sad, yet true, there are some dash cam sellers that claim their car video recorders are fitted with HD excellence although, at times, this is less than honest.

As you buy your elegant new dash cam that fits neatly and perfectly into the top right-hand corner of your windscreen, subtly enhancing all-around visibility,it's plain to observe why you must insist that Dash Cam Pro Cameras sell you a video recorder with the highest level of HD.

2. What would you want most if you were stopped by the police?

What if you needed to clear up or resolve a problem as quickly and clearly as possible, that perhaps is something you'd choose, wouldn't you?

Police Car and your dash cam

If, for example, the police stop you and you find yourself accused of jumping a red light, what do you think you'd want and need from your dash cam at that moment?

Some Bluetooth and/or Wifi cameras don't have a viewing screen because they upload to your iPhone, Android or Tablet. Is a screen something you're going to want with your purchase?

While other considerations may be more important to you, it's possible you would want to be able to prove your innocence quickly and efficiently.

As you buy your dash cam you may wish to decide that having a screen in your car with good visual and audio quality is important to you.

3. Three Smaller Considerations:

Wouldn't it be amazing if your dash cam were designed and made to be at optimum functionality whatever the weather or temperature?

As you know, life can lead us to places where extremes in the climate could surely effect technology if the Celsius or Fahrenheit weren't taken into account

When youbuy your dash cam you're going to want to know that it's durable this way.

On to the second consideration then.

Picture your dash cam after a couple of years, you're still delighted that you made the decision to buy it when you did. You've used it in many ways:

  • You've improved your driving skills;
  • You've used it to help others who'd found themselves in difficult situations.
  • You've even used it to upload holiday video and post it on social media.

Yet there's one little detail you hadn't thought of at the time you bought it. Your dash cam came with a suction pad to fix it to your windscreen instead of the adhesive paper that some models come with. This tiny detail has kept your dash cam in tip-top condition.

And finally...


Your video format came in Mov, it stores your video footage in a tiny compact size. Yet it is still the best of qualities, this has been so satisfying.

So there you have it.

Your time has come.

It's time to experience the exciting and super safe world of cutting edge, high definition technology.

So click on the link right here:

Step up,

Buy your dash cam

The brave new world awaits you.

Dash Cams - Still More Startling Things To Know

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