July 02, 2018

Dash Cams - What's The Low Down?

After you've read every word of this blog you'll be wrapped in that smug feeling that only comes when you understand what you're talking about.

You, like me, probably know that you've already, at one level, decided to buy yourself a dash cam, it's the only wise thing to do, isn't it?

So what questions do you need to ask so you can feel like an informed buyer, what is it you could really do with knowing and understanding to be comfortable when deciding which dash cam to buy from Pro Dash Cameras?

Well here goes, in no particular order:

1. You'll see clearly in the cold light of day.

Do you remember ever coming out of a tunnel, or turning a corner, only to find yourself dazzled by the sun?

Of course, you do, it's happened to all of us.

Immediately you slow down, squint your eyes and try and peer through the light to see what's ahead, you then activate the visualization part of your imagination process attempting to keep you and everyone else safe.

Dash Cams - 4 Startling Things To Think Of

Of course, you could pull over until the sun changes its trajectory, but life doesn't really work that way, does it?

It's the same with your dash cam, you'll want to know it can handle the different extremes of light and still produce sharp, clear video footage, your liberty and abundance may rely on it.

2. With the eyes of an owl.

Owl's Eyes

As you know, accidents never happen at night, they only ever happen during the day when there are many eyewitnesses around to see them, it's obvious, isn't it?

Imagine buying a cheap dash cam, cutting costs, you know scrimping and saving, giving Scrooge a run for his money.

So there you are, driving along a main road at night, smug and self-assured, you've got your new dash cam in place, you bought it for only $10 from that guy from down your street with the vacant eyes.

The truck in front of you hits his brakes suddenly and the teenager in the car behind rear ends you, realizing she's in trouble she doesn't stop, but you don't care, you've got the evidence, you're a dash cam man!

Planning to give your video footage to the local constabulary and your insurance company, you upload the night's events to your smartphone and horror of horrors you can't see a thing.

Bet you feel a Charlie, if only you'd bought a dash cam with infrared and night recording quality like they sell on Pro Dash Cam Cameras. 

Cruel Fate 1 Charlie Scrooge Duck (You) 0

3. Expanding your field of vision.

What's happening here, is this blogger getting all philosophical?

Sadly no.

I'm talking about how much video coverage your dash cam has.

Street Video

I mean, what if your camera could see the road and not the sidewalk, it wouldn't be much help when it comes to observing pedestrians, would it?

And as you absorb the writing on this spectacular blog you'll be thinking about what width you'll need your field of vision to be.

Is it difficult to understand, is it rocket science?

No, it's the science of moving pictures, cinematography if you like and you'll need between a 120 and 170-degree field.

4. Wire, Wifi or Bluetooth, the million dollar question

Earnest Seeker of Truth (EST): Ok Mr. Blogger.

Smart Ass (SA): Who, me?

EST: Yep Mr. Fount of all knowledge. What should I buy, a Wire, Wifi or Bluetooth dash cam?

SA: Ummm, well each has advantages, maybe the answer comes down to preference, but I'll give it a shot:

I can think of at least one advantage of a wire type dash cam, you could connect it up to your car battery and have sufficient power when the car is parked and you're not there, useful for security don't you think?

EST: Yes, I should cocoa, you're on the button there!

SA: I knew a guy a few years ago that did well on that Forex trading.

EST: The Foreign Exchange 'thingy' do you mean?

SA: Yes that's the one, he did so well he got himself a nice motor. He said every week he'd have to take it to a professional to remove key scratches from its surface, every week some jealous person would vandalize it with a key.

EST: That's not nice, so a dash cam with its wire attached to the car battery would have probably saved him a whole lot of grief. Umm, there's a good benefit. Tell me about advantages of a Wifi dash cam.

SA: Well they can be a wee bit more expensive but the benefits seem to far outweigh the losses.

EST: How so?

SA: Wouldn't it be amazing if you didn't have to scuttle around transferring that tiny sim card to a reader or one of your computer devices, with wifi you could upload the information you need in seconds to your smartphone or tablet and forward it onto the relevant authorities. It also means you can prove your innocence in the moment should you need to, there's little delay.

 EST: Yep that definitely has its advantages too.

SA: The Bluetooth option is well suited to the car driving experience because its range is small it's tailored to the cabin-like environment of the inside of your car.

EST: Awesome.

SA: Being Bluetooth it uses less power than other dash cams and still uploads to your mobile easily and quickly. As Sheldon Cooper retorted on the comedy show 'The Big Bang Theory' "Everything's better with Bluetooth!"

EST: Ha ha ha, Yes! So which is your favorite?

SA: Oh that'll be Bluetooth, I wrote a blog on it very recently, here take a look: Sublime Bluetooth Dash Cam. 

EST: Which dash cam did you write about?

SA: That'll be the 1080p Bluetooth dash cam for iPhone and Android.

EST: Sounds plush

SA: It is. 



Little by little you begin to realize that you're ready, the further and further you browse towards the end of this post, the more your mind is fixed on the phenomenal benefits to your life and the world of driving. By now you know you're certain, by now you're sure, by now you're poised to take action.

Let Pro Dash Cam Cameras handle it for you, you'll have the Bluetooth dash cam for iPhone and Android before you know it.

Discover the exciting world of Dash Cams here.


Dash Cams - 4 Startling Things You Need To Think About.




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